Corporate Training

We have done lot research for monitoring staff/employee efficiency of any organisation and educational institution. We found huge differences between a metro city employee and a small city one.

There is lack of knowledge about latest technology. They don’t know how to use certain tools for making their day-to-day life more efficient and attractive especially when most of the tools are freely available.

UTMV does all this for you. We give detailed orientation of latest technology that is not a part of any traditional education system.

Our specially made capsule programs actually do that.

We are offering awareness program under Employee Development Programs where any employee can explore efficient way of learning new technologies and their tools like as follows –


  • How can we use search engines for research work?

  • How to share our work in public domains?

  • How to use social networking sites for increasing someone’s reach?

  • What is blog and how can someone use it?

  • How to make effective presentation?

  • Detailed orientation and training programs of special research tools like SPSS.

  • Training on Office Automation System.

  • Customised capsule programs for particularly targeted audience.


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